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do i have altitude sickness?
Tristan da Cunha - world remotest island  - raise Para-Monte funds.
Written by
Katherine Brewster

Kelly, one of Adam’s old school friends, lives on the island of Trista Da Cunha and felt she wanted to contribute to raising awareness for our charity.

The most remote island in the world with around 259 inhabitants only, were all amazing !

Everyone got together to make this a very special event. They made all their own food, drink and raffle prices for this ‘special’ day on the island as well as for Para-Monte.

We can’t thank Kelly enough for organising this event and all the islanders for their monumental efforts and helping to raise funds (a massive £390.40) as well as altitude awareness in this remotest part of the world.

This truly was spreading the Para-Monte Altitude Awareness globally !!

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