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The Para Monte Team

Para-Monte has been working and collaborating with some amazing people, who found that Para-Monte has been an inspiration in their work and life.

Our Ambassadors in their quest to complete their own challenges have been able to help us spread the word about Altitude as well as raise Awareness.

Josie Adams
Josie Adams

An extreme athlete taking part in several extreme sports challenges, such as: the Marathon de Sables, racing the Eiger Trail and the Costa Rica Coastal race to name but a view.

Josie, developed her interest and  involvement in our charity, when using some Para-Monte's equipment,  whilst training and collaborating with the Extreme Environment Team at University of Brighton and this culminated in becoming one of our Ambassadors.

Para-Monte sponsored Josie when competing in her big challenges, by flying our flag on her running kit and personal equipment, thus raising altitude awareness amongst many international athletes as well as the wider public during races around the world.

Josie's bio:

"Hello. I am Josie Adams; ultra-runner and outdoor adventurer from the South West of England. From scouting out running trails to travelling with my mobile coffee business, I am always hunting for the next new place to discover. Entering races in various climates and conditions around the globe gives me a great opportunity to both tend my 'itchy feet' and push my running career forward. I'm absolutely delighted to now be carrying the badge of Para-Monte with me as I race, where the parameters of extreme sports, travel and health so often overlap."

Josie also takes her ambassadorship to another level , when she is pursuing her challenges around the world locations by interacting with people who are travelling to places of high altitude, discussing the risks and dangers at altitude, distributing flyers and directing them to our website for advice and information.

See Josie in training HERE

Matt Shore
Matt Shore

Performance Coach, Trainer of Trainers and Mountain Leader.

Matt’s connection with Para-Monte was established when he contacted the Extreme Environment Team to assist him in some altitude training for his Aconcagua conquest. He expressed an interest in our charity and volunteered to assist us in raising awareness and  spreading the Altitude Awareness throughout all his individual and group work as our Ambassador. Sponsoring Matt in his preparations by obtaining altitude clothing and equipment needed for his epic climb also lead to Matt taking our Para-Monte flag and planting this when summating Aconcagua.

Matt's bio:

He works with people from all walks of life supporting them in their health and fitness journeys and in overcoming perceived limitations. Matt also facilitates others to enjoy experiences in the great outdoors and mountain environments within the UK to reset and re-connect with themselves in nature. In his recreation time he has been a lifelong competitive athlete competing to high levels and national standards. In mountaineering Matt is a qualified Summer Mountain leader and has ascended most of the UK's significant mountains. Internationally Matt has successfully completed the Tour du Mont Blanc and Mount Toubkal in Morocco. In January 2020 he went on to summit the highest mountain outside of the Himalayas - Mount Aconcagua in Argentina at6962m Altitude. 

Matt has sights on Mount Elbrus and Mont Blanc in 2021 and his first 8000m peak in the Himalayas in the next 5 years, whilst continuing his work as our ambassador.

Student Ambassadors

Student Ambassadors

Student ambassadors have become invaluable since we established Education & Research links with both University of Brighton and Anglia Ruskin Universities.

Recent projects, studies and results carried out by some of the ARU/ UoB ambassadors, can be found in our Research.


We are grateful for all the valuable work and research all the students as well as staff at both universities are continually carrying out in their endeavour to finding answers into the dangers and risks at altitude to provide further advice about Altitude Illnesses.

We like to thank all our Ambassadors for flying the Para-Monte flag.