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do i have altitude sickness?
University Of Brighton
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University of Brighton
Environmental Extremes Lab and Para-Monte Collaboration

University of Brighton/EEL collaboration was established through Para-Monte donating funds to the ‘Learning through Adventure’ Peru trip, where undergraduate students, led by Dr Alan Richardson and team, aimed to target specific research into the dangers of Altitude Illnesses.

Several different research projects undertaken by the Environmental Extremes Lab, headed by Dr Neil Maxwell and team, where EEL’s mission: “ Internationally-renowned research addresses the challenges of environmental extremes on human health and function” and  their vision: “Through our research and education, people will decide how to prepare for safe and effective exercise in environmental extremes to optimise performance and reduce risk of illness”, have further developed and cemented a strong partnership.

The UoB/EEL team and Para-Monte continue their strong partnership to create new opportunities for future research into Altitude Illnesses.

girl running in oxygen chamber