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do i have altitude sickness?
Adam's Story

Adam set off on a trip of a lifetime to follow the sun and have fun with his best mate Bryn.

They started off in Canada, travelling down through America and onto Mexico and Peru.

They were living life to the full and enjoying an amazing time………they were ridiculous!

They had no idea that the symptoms they both felt on the 15-hour bus journey to Cusco, taken by thousands of travellers, would lead to Adam’s death in just a few days.

Bryn and Adam’s journey was extremely uncomfortable, they were unable to sleep and started to experience shortness of breath.

Whilst arriving in Cusco is exciting, it is difficult too, as it is at 3.400m (11,200 ft), so the air gets thin and oxygen less. Most people experience symptoms of Altitude Sickness, but like Adam and Bryn, think little of it. So, once booked into their hostel, they headed out for drink or two….

They knew and read that it was normal to feel under the weather, just think of it as ‘a hangover or cold’, is what you’re told.

“It will take a couple of days to feel better and acclimatise, just give it time….”.
The Savory family at an event

So Adam pushed on, excited to go and explore, taking Ibuprofen, which would get rid of his, so called ‘hangover or cold’, he thought.

However, it didn’t get better. Within those ‘two days’, he developed a fever and his condition drastically deteriorated. Bryn called a doctor as Adam had become delirious.

She diagnosed that: Adam was experiencing Acute Mountain Sickness, which had extremely rapidly developed into High Altitude Pulmonary Oedema and needed urgent hospital care.

Bryn stayed by his mate Adam’s side, but despite the hospital care……

Adam’s battle was very very short, he wasn’t able to survive and lost his life.

We’d just like to take a moment and think about Adam.

He was a fiercely loyal friend, a loving brother and a son that any parent would be proud to have brought up. When we think of Adam, we will remember a man with ridiculous wit, an incredible mind and a heart large enough to accommodate each and every single one of his many friends and family.

Adam’s lifetime journey quickly came to a tragic end. We hope yours will carry on by preparing, being aware and taking on board valuable advice, so you can save your life!

photo of man on enormous mountain