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do i have altitude sickness?
Trio in UoB research project.
Written by
Gregor Eichhorn

Adam's mum & Sister & friend take part in UoB research project funded by Para-Monte.

Thanks goes to all the staff at the EEL, particularly Gregor, who has been with us from the start and oversaw the 6 mins walking test and the 8 hours chamber session to test the susceptibility to Altitude Illness.

Jeannet & Emma and Emma's friend Shirley took to the chamber early in the morning and did well for a while, oxygen, pulls and lung capacity were measured every 30 mins.

Shirley, however, after 4 hours in the chamber, started showing symptoms of Altitude Sickness. Grego, checking even more frequently,  decided that for her health and welfare, she would have to vacate the chamber. Shirley showed signs of headaches, dizziness, lack of appetite and on her return home vomited. The next day Gregor followed up checking on her condition and Shirley revealed that it took her a good 48 hours to feel totally recovered.

Jeannet & Emma completed the 8 hours chamber visit and when discharged they felt only very minor breathing differences, however no other Altitude Illnesses signs were reported.

We obtained valuable test results for our UoB/EEL altitude research project conducted for Para-Monte.

Thanks to the Trio.

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