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do i have altitude sickness?
Ratton School - 'Lyceum' Students donate to Para-Monte.
Written by
Emma Savory

This morning we attended an assembly at Ratton School.

We were overwhelmed by the total amount of £ 1111.14 raised for Para-Monte by Mrs Sue Jones & Lyceum Community students.

We were all very 'choked up', yet Chris still spoke to the students about Adam and the charity.

The students were enthralled by it.

It was an emotional morning, especially going back to the school where Adam and I went.

We are so proud of the students and teachers involved in the fundraising throughout last year, to raise this huge amount, which will be put to good use by UoB research students into Altitude Illnesses.

Amazing job done by Ratton School Lyceum Community.

Thank you so very much.

Grateful @ Para-Monte.

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