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do i have altitude sickness?
April 17, 2024
Three women @ Eastbourne EEL Altitude Awareness day.
Written by
The Savorys

Para-Monte Altitude Awareness day last week was attended by three women all going on different  (Kilimanjaro, Annapurna Sanctuary Trek and Machu Picchu) expeditions.

The EEL team,  Neil, Billy and Gabe as well as current students involved in Altitude studies, provided our educational programme for the three ladies, who were very grateful for the experience.

Joining the treks, they will be passing on all the Altitude Awareness as well as keeping us posted  on their progress.

It seemed very fitting and fortunate for Chris and Jeannet to be able to come along and meet the clients at this last ever session run out of the Eastbourne EEL labs, before it moves to the UoB Falmer site.

Whilst this EEL labs relocation marks a new phase, our UoB –Para-Monte partnership will carry on the legacy.

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