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Wiltshire Wildlife charity walk for Adam
Para Monte team on Charity Walk
Written by
Martin Grant

The ‘Sarsens Trail’ as it’s known, is an event close to the heart of the Savorys and our very good family friend Martin Grant.

Adam completed this trail twice, putting Martin and I to shame as we both only finished the second time around.

It is a great scenic walk over the Salisbury plain and ends at Stonehenge. Extremely early on 5th May Team Para-Monte began the epic 26 mile walk that Adam had walked and loved……

Everyone was in high spirits as this was an event that we all knew would be difficult, challenging, but extremely rewarding and emotional and we could not have asked for a better group of people to complete this trail.

At different times during the day, Adam’s friends took it it turns to tell jokes and stories to help us get through the pain barrier, especially after reaching 19 miles, when the pain really started to kick in.

We all couldn’t have been prouder of my mum who completed the walk, without even one complaint. She was amazing that day, as she is every single day.

Huge amount of effort by everyone and with your support you helped us raise well over £900, Thank you.

We all did it for Adam!

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