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Para-Monte's Team Eastbourne Half Marathon
Photo of Adam's friends in the marathon
Written by
Katherine Brewster

Some of Adam’s family and friends who support Para-Monte took part in the Eastbourne Half Marathon.

Runners collected sponsors donations and everyone has been very generous, however large or small this was gratefully received.

All runners did a smashing job!

Runners included: Adam’s sister Emma Savory, Kat Brewster, Victoria Shaw,Alex Speirs, Paddy Kennedy-Williams, Luke Dabbs, Ben Curwood, Elouise Feek, Nick Webb, Shelley Hickman, Eliza Molik, Rory Markham, Harvey Burdett, Finty Jewell and Ian Turnbull.

To celebrate our fabulous achievement, we gathered at our local to have a well deserved drink, to toast Adam and the magnificent money raised .

Thanks also to all the local pubs and Sussex Downs College, for putting up collections boxes and sponsor forms, total so far to date are over £3000, we’ll keep you updated on the final sum raised.

Well done to all the runners!

Thanks again to everyone who cheered and supported the Para-Monte team.

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