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Para-Monte International Bike Ride Eastbourne UK- Poppel Belgium.
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The Savorys

The Para-Monte Bike Ride was an experience for the thirteen English bikers and two support van drivers, who were later joined by another seven Belgian bikers and another Belgian driver. The cycle ride had been arranged to fulfill one of the charity’s aim: to raise awareness for Altitude Illnesses.

The bike ride started at the ‘Pilot Inn’ Eastbourne, where the Mayor cut the ribbon to set bikers on their way.

The first two days cycling saw it’s up and downs through the Sussex and Kent countryside,followed by a boat crossing and a completely flat cycle ride through France and Belgium to our final destination where their Mayor, handed out our medals and friends and family gave us a most fabulous welcome at ‘tVoske in Poppel Belgium.

The Para-Monte bike ride has been a truly memorable epic experience.

The farewells and welcomes at both sides, the sore bums, the dinners, the beers, the after parties, the laughs till we cried, the developing/bonding of new friendships, the continual support of family and friends and the donations we have received from all of YOU, have made this a fantastic way to raise Altitude Awareness.

The monies donated at this moment in time is nearing over £6255.86 and rising…..and you still can if you wish @ My Donate……Thank you.

This unforgettable RIDE-ICULOUS bike ride was of course above all else to remember to ‘Live the Years’ and ridden for our beautiful ADAM.

Grateful @ Para-Monte.

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