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do i have altitude sickness?
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Bands & BBQs
Written by
Alex Speirs

Bands & BBQs are always on every ones list of our events to come and enjoy!

Adam's music friends Alex Speirs ( Speirsy) and Tom Robinson ( Tommy Rob) stage an afternoon of music in order to raise funds and Altitude Awareness.

Our very first B&Bs being such a successful and entertaining day, a worthy repeat was called for from our followers and so our annual Bands & BBQ event was established.

Over the many years, different groups of Adam's friends played his and their favourite songs and instruments, even Tommy Rob created our own Para-Monte 'House' Band called 'Brotherhood'.

The coming together of our Para-Monte loyal supporters as well as many new people from far and wide to enjoy listening to life music provides a great platform for us to raise Altitude Awareness for our valuable cause and 'Living the Years for/with Adam.

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